Welcome and thanks for joining me on my journey to living free! This blog is simply about me trying to live the best version of myself.

I’m Dee. Im just a typical American female attempting to navigate my way through life. I have many identities: wife, fur-mom, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, athlete, firefighter, veteran. I dabble in the arts, love to learn new things, and enjoy helping people.

I strive for balance above all else in life. I identify as a spiritualist and believe every life is precious. I also struggle to prioritize kindness, patience, and understanding over efficiency and rationalization and family over work.

My goals for this blog (and for life) are to learn how to find consistent balance, discover new things, and help similar people feel seen and understood.

I hope to encourage my readers to become enlightened, accomplish their dreams, become healthier and stronger, enhance their relationships, and live a balanced life freely. In order to climb Mount Everest, we must first take a single step. We have the ability to live a purposeful life. We can start by truly living now.

Are you ready to take the first step with me?

I invite you to follow my blog and to follow me on facebook @Dee Josey and Instagram @dee.josey.

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