The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Need To Succeed

If you want to be a successful business owner, shed that last 10 pounds, hit a new PR in the gym, or keep a strong relationship with the love of your life, you need one thing: Pig Headed Discipline.

Self-Doubt DEEstroys Us

I’ve been operating my fitness business, Delta Performance, for a little over 20 months now. Let me tell you, I have had many thoughts of self doubt.

Is this model the best model to inspire and empower people to become their best self? Is it simple to follow? Are our hours of operation sustainable? Am I the best coach I can possibly be? If I can’t be the best, is it worth doing? Are there better option? How the hell do I get people in our doors? Am I in over my head? And on and on and on…

These questions (aka gremlins) keep me up at night. They discourage me at times.

Self doubt is the one thing that keep many people from success. The thoughts that go through your head will make or break you.

Owning a Business is Hard Work

There are times that I look back on my military service and think to myself, “if only my career was that easy again.” The Army does such great job setting anyone up for success in that they have an AR or FM for literally anything. You don’t need a brain to think, analyze, or evaluate; they tell you how to think, what to say, and who to be. Need to learn how to prepare for the APFT? FM 7-22 will guide your butt off the couch right to a perfect 300. Need a haircut but not sure what look is best for you? No worries, AR 670-1 gives you the exact cut you need.

WARNING: I’m going to piss a lot of people off by stating this: You have to put forth quite a bit of effort to fail in the US Army. If you can read and comprehend, you have no excuse.

On the other hand, universities don’t tell you of the difficulties of owning a business in the MBA program. If they did, perhaps less people would apply. There are many areas, like sales and marketing, that neither I nor my business partner are good at. Social Media is meticulous and ever changing. Website DEEsign is the same. Both of us are naturally introverted, so getting out into the community or in front of a crowd is real work. When we are done training, the real work begins.

Pig Headed Discipline is Key

Sales expert Chet Holmes says all you need to become great at sales is “pig-headed discipline.”

Fortunately for me, I’ve been called pig headed more than once–a day. I didn’t do well in the army–or at any job for that matter–because I’m a bit stubborn. I swear I was meant to be a Taurus.

When it comes to success–whatever that looks like for you, you have to be disciplined. You need a plan of action and the discipline to execute that plan REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION. Life gets in the way for all of us. When it’s beautiful outside, you still have to go to work if you want to keep that job. When you are upset at your spouse, you still have to tell her you love her if you want a strong relationship. When your friends are eating bon bons and drinking beer at night, you will need to sip on your protein shake and get to bed at 9:30pm if you want to lose that last 10 pounds. If you want to own a successful business, you have to be diligent about positioning yourself as the expert, even when you don’t personally believe it.

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