Developing a Soldier’s Mind To Reach Your Highest Potential

Welcome to the first part of our 7 part series on pursuing excellence. To recap on the overview, achieving greatness starts by developing the mind of a soldier. There are seven keys that unlock the soldier’s mind:

  1. Commit yourself to the mission
  2. Believe you will succeed
  3. Focus fully on the task
  4. Use positive imagery
  5. Prepare your mind for the battle
  6. Control the distractions and barriers that hinder results
  7. Continue to learn and grow

This article focuses on the first:

Commit Yourself to the Mission

“I will always place my mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade.”–Warrior Ethos, Soldier’s Creed, U.S. Army

When I DEEcided put off college to join the US Armed Forces, I had to make the decision to be “all in.” Once I signed the dotted line for Uncle Sam, there was no turning back. At the mature age of 18, this was the scariest decision I ever made, but once I fully committed, mentally and physically, and let go of all my fears, I experienced something greater than I could ever imagine. I experienced what it means to truly live.

What Is Your Mission?

The first step to pursuing excellence is to create a mission (aka goal), then to commit yourself fully to that mission.

Answer This: If you had $10 million in the bank and the highest IQ of anyone around, what would your life to look like for the next 12 months?

The sky’s the limit. There is no dream too big. What will you be doing? Where will you be? How is your health? What do you look like? How are your relationships? Are you accomplishing your first ever 5K walk? Perhaps you are training to become the next Serena Williams? Maybe you have a little more energy to play with your grand kids. Are you still on that depression/anxiety medication?

Whatever your dreams, write them down to make them real. Brainstorm this for the next 10 minutes.

I’ll wait…




Did you write it down?

This is important because it will guide you through this entire series. Do not continue until you have completed this task…

Now that you have your 12 month goal, we can begin to take action by committing yourself to your dream.

Commitment? What is that?

Simply put, commitment is saying with conviction, “I will do this, and nothing will stand in my way.” This is a non-negotiable contract with yourself to set clear, personal goals and relentlessly pursue them by giving everything you have.

The same way canoeing Olympian Larry Cain won that gold medal (Do you remember that? Nor do I.), “Everything you do must be geared toward how it will affect your performance.”

I mean everything. You wake, eat, and sleep your goal. If your goal, for example, is to live pain free, so you can enjoy life, your daily actions should reflect this. Hire a coach trained to help you work around pain (ahem…I know a great one). Move more. Work on areas of weakness. Toss those twinkies and any other inflammation-inducing food in your kitchen. Take action and truly commit to your goal for the long run.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

This is why it is called a goal. If it were easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it.

Think about it…when was the last time you really put in an honest effort and accomplished something you never thought you could? How did you feel after? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Achieving excellence is not a leisurely stroll in the park, nor is it a sprint. It’s a highly competitive marathon. You will bleed, sweat, and cry. You will challenge your deepest, darkest fears, become frustrated with yourself and the world, and be forced to make difficult sacrifices to reach the top. Your greatest adversary is you. There will be times you will want to quit; in fact, if you’re like most, you will. This game is not for the weak; it’s a game very few win.

But it’s worth it.

When you reach that goal…whether it is successfully completing military boot camp, getting your first unassisted pull up, finishing a full marathon, living pain free, or losing that last 10 pounds, it will all be worth the sacrifices.

To Reach Excellence, You Must First Commit to Reaching Excellence

Match your actions to your goals. Be consistent. Be proactive. Keep going even when you face setbacks. Persist when you are faced with fears and obstacles. Commit through the ups and downs, the good results and bad. Stay disciplined and passionate. Find joy or love for what you are doing.

You’re in this for the long haul, and once you reach that peak, you’ll reflect on your journey you took and realize you can achieve anything. It starts with commitment.

Stay tuned for our next segment on:

Second Key to Pursuing Excellence: Believe You Will Succeed

Stay tuned for our next segment on: Pursuing Excellence: Believe You Will Succeed

What to do Today:

  • Determine your mission…your 12 month dream goal.
  • Commit yourself to your goal.
  • Take action today by doing something every single day that moves you closer to your goal.

Ready to pursue excellence today?

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