Ponder This Question:

If you were given the opportunity to do anything you wanted, and money and intelligence aren’t barriers, what would you choose to do with your life?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How would your life be different? Would you choose to wake up every morning looking at the sunrise from the sandy white beach of a deserted island? Would you live on the side of a mountain typing away on your computer while drinking your morning coffee? Would you travel the world, visiting little exotic villages? Would you have a family? A spouse?

Would you be able to find happiness in that situation, or would you still find some way to find the negative and desire something more? If you could do anything you wanted, would you consider yourself…free?

My Optimal Life

I’ve thought about this question many times and come back to the same answer: I would do exactly what I am doing. I may do it in a different way–maybe not as a human performance coach, a greeting card DEEsigner, and a blogger–but I would still find my purpose in helping others find freedom from within.

Life always finds a way to remind me to find happiness in any situation. I struggle with being a chronic planner, spending more time building the plan, the systems, and the structures for the future than living right now. This is great in some senses; it organizes my life and gives me a goal. In excess; however, it has a tendency to steel my joy for living right now. In one perspective, my mantra can be described as: “Nothing is good enough; there is always something greater.”

2012: Maimanah, Afghanistan

My biggest takeaway during my tour in Afghanistan was this: in an environment that most Americans would describe as “chaotic,” many Afghans were able to find happiness. I thought, “If these people can find peace in their current situation, I should be able to as well…right?” When I find myself questioning the quality of my life, I come back to that question to find peace in my current situation.

I have a damn good life! I am recently married to a woman who is just as beautiful internally as she is externally. I am a part owner of a human performance training company that guides each athlete to live his/her best self–not just through movement, but through nutrition, behavior, and mindset. I am blessed with two equally amazing and passionate business partners. I have the cutest puppy dog ever. My friends and family are extremely supportive and loving. I have a job that fulfills my purpose and blesses me with a roof over my head and food on my plate. My health is excellent. I was born in a developed country motivated by freedom–like the freedom of same-sex marriage, the freedom of owning a business, and the freedom create my own destiny. For all this and more, I am grateful.

The keys to finding freedom (aka joy and happiness)

If you find yourself questioning your quality of life, there are a couple different paths you can take. It’s your choice.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com
  1. Change your path. Find a way to give yourself a higher quality of life. If you work in a hostile environment, know your self-worth, and find a new job…or create one. If you have a “friend” that sucks the life out of you with her negativity, cut her out of your life, and surround yourself with people who will lift your spirits. You are in control of your freedom.
  2. Change your mind. Reflect on your current situation and discover the positives, and there are positives in every situation. Focus on those, and show gratitude for what you have now. When you find yourself slipping into a negative hole filled with lust and desire, genuinely be thankful for what you have now.

Last year, I chose to change my path and open a business that fulfills my life. Now, I choose the latter. If I were given the opportunity to do anything I wanted, and money is not an object, I would choose the exact life I am living–with an attitude of gratitude and a few weeks of travel built into each year.

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