After our wedding, Boggs and I are a bit tight on money. We promised not to go above and beyond for the holidays this year. In an effort to abide by my darling wife’s request, I DEEcided to give her one small gift every day for the month of DEEcember.

Although my gift to Boggs is for the Christmas holiday season, this idea can be used for any special occassion: anniversary, Valentines day, birthday, etc.

You can dress this up and make it look aesthetically pleasing or create a theme for all the gifts. This is a gift where “the thought counts.” Your spouse will appreciate the effort put into it. If you are on a budget or have a spouse who appreciates sentiment (who doesn’t?), this gift is for you.

The point here is to let your significant other know you care about him/her by doing small gestures. Your spouse will start every day in your chosen month with a smile, which leads to a happier, more fulfilled relationship.

Live Free Peeps!

What is needed

This gift does not have to be expensive; in fact, it is more sentimental when it is not expensive. Think stocking stuffers. NOTE: This will require you to pay a little more attention to your spouse to figure out what he/she would truly appreciate.

You will need:

  • to plan ahead (this gift is not procrastination friendly)
  • creativity (or access to Pinterest or a creative friend)
  • an empty jar or box (you can use a mason jar, clean out an empty jelly jar, or just find an empty box or baseball cap)
  • construction paper, printer paper, old wrapping paper, etc (something you can write the numbers on)
  • a pen or permanent marker
  • 31 small gifts prepared and ready to go

You should have all of these items lying around your house somewhere (besides the 31 gifts), so do not waste your money purchasing those. Re-purpose.

 How it works

  • With the gifts already prepared and numbered, I took old wrapping paper, cut 31 pieces, numbered them 1 through 31, and placed them in the jar.
  • Starting the morning of December 1st and every morning thereafter until December 31st, Boggs will draw a number from a jar.
  • Most of the gifts are already under our tree, so she will go grab the gift that corresponds with the number.
  • Her day starts off with a smile, which in turn leads to a happier, more fulfilled relationship. You’re welcome.

What gifts should I give?

This is where your creativity (or Pinterest) comes into play. If you are unsure of what your significant other may want or appreciate, ask around. Google “cute, inexpensive gifts for girlfriend.” Whatever you choose to give, just make sure it’s something your spouse will appreciate.

Use this time as an opportunity to get to know your spouse. If you do not know already, inquire about his/her favorite flavors, color, song, passions, ideas, dreams, etc. Any information you have will help. Use this information to form your plan. For every gift you are considering giving, ask yourself, “Why would he/she appreciate this? What does this gift say about my spouse?”

Further, make sure you will not resent the gift. For instance, if you don’t like giving massages, don’t give that as a gift if it will make you dread giving it. Your spouse will pick up on this, and you will risk neither one of you appreciating the gift.

My best advice to you is to keep it simple.

Follow My Lead

If this feels like too much work, here are the gifts I laid out for Boggs. Her top love languages are quality time and words of affirmation, so many of my gifts are specific to those. She loves anything that took a little thought and effort to let her know she is loved and appreciated…and she is.

Feel free to copy as many of these as you would like and claim it as your own.

1: Flip book to write each day’s highlights and/or little love notes to her favorite wife. I bought the notebook on Amazon and drew the flip book images in each. If you are lacking the patience for this gift, a notebook will suffice, but be sure to let them know exactly what the notebook is for. ($3)

2: Idea Notebook. Boggs has a lot of ideas and needs a place to jot them down. The notebook is small enough to fit in her pocket, so she can pull it out at any time. ($3)

3: A homemade ornament with petals from our wedding bouquet. I dried out the petals ahead of time and put them in a cheap, plastic, clear bulb using our “something blue” ribbon to hang it on the tree. ($0.50)

4-12: Canvas pictures using photos from our wedding. Every time she opens up a canvas, I will hang it on the wall in the predetermined spot. Throughout the month, she will build onto the collage. ($60)

13: A homemade foot spa using 1/4 cup of Epsom salt and warm bath water. (free)

14: A fitting mug for work that says “I don’t need google. My wife knows everything.” True story…I do.  ($4)

15: A homemade “anti-stress” kit. I made one of these for every one of my athletes that I coach and Boggs’ employees. She doesn’t know I made one for her too. (free)

16: 15 minute back massage after work. (free)

17: 10 minute foot massage after work. (free)

18-20: A small candle jar, one filled with Hershey’s kisses, Starbursts, and Peanut M&Ms. ($4.50)

21: Tomorrow morning: Your favorite home cooked breakfast. She will have the day to think about it, and I will make it for her for the next day’s breakfast. (<$10)

22: Tomorrow evening: Your favorite home cooked dinner. She will have the day to think about it, and I will make it for her for the next day’s dinner. (<$20)

23: A budget for 2019. One thing you should know about me is I love building budgets. Sometimes I think I should have gone into financial planning as a career. (free)

24: A trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out ANY ONE Christmas decoration under $10 and display in our apartment. This girl loves Christmas. ($10)

25: A date of spending time with one another baking cookies and dropping them off for our local law enforcement officers / fire fighters / overseas troops. ($10-20)

26: A gathering of old pet supplies and a trip to our pet supply store to pick out $10 worth of supplies to donate to our local Humane Society. ($10)

27: A trip to the local children’s hospital to visit with kids who are stuck in the hospital during the holidays to drop off little ornaments that Boggs already painted. (free)

28: A date of going through old winter clothes, coats, boots, etc. to donate to our local homeless shelter.

29: Tomorrow afternoon: Your favorite lunch brought to you at work. She will have the day to think about it, and I will make the 45 minute trek to her work to drop it off with a kiss. (<$10)

30: A personalized poem (use your own skills here…it will mean more. Rhymezone  will help you rhyme words.) If you are having a hard one coming up with one yourself, I’ll sell you one of mine 🙂

31: A card filled with really cheesy pick up lines. I used a lot of medical ones for her since she is in the medical field. You don’t need to be too clever here…google is filled with tacky pick up lines. Keep it clean, and steer clear of weird or creepy ones.

All in all, I spent less than $155 on all 31 gifts. If you are on a tighter budget, you can make it work. Have your kid draw a picture. Write a cute love note. Go on a hiking date. Cook dinner together. The options are endless. Have fun.

Comment below to let me know how this worked out for you. I’d love to hear your stories.

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